30 Ağustos 2007 Perşembe


Bedri Karayağmurlar

Lyric withholds the joy of pain and pleasure. Joy is usually considered together with pleasure. Whereas the flow of feelings do not appear only as a result of pleasure. Melancholy and pain obstruct the emotions to remain inside. What makes us us is the way we live both melancholy and pleasure. These are the basic indicators of being human. The level of intensity and cheer in your life shows how much you internalize it.

We are concerned with our future as the man who becomes isolated and alienated to himself loses his emotions and joys. A world without emotion and joy. The world in which interests and unburdened lifestyles rule will be more scary and cruel. We will gradually abandon our responsibilities towards each other and to the world. Maybe both pain and joy will be perceived as diseases which should be cured.

As much as we individually need pain, joy and the burden of emotions which come with them, so do societies and humanity. Man completes himself the existence of comedy and tragedy. Societies who have no values to worry about also have no values they hesitate to lose. Societies with no common joy, with no folksong or dance to share have no chance to exist anymore.

Lyric Balance is the way of existence which we offer to become aware of the annihilation of the modern societies. We should keep on conserving the joy full of melancholy, pleasure and emotions. Lyric Balance is one of the basic problems of human existence after all.